Ageless Devotion

More: When I rescued Roofus and 8 others from a bad situation, little did I know the impact he would have on my life and a little puppy that was also rescued. Timid and afraid, he had obviously struggled his whole life to survive cold, heat, fleas he was allergic to, lack of nutrition and no love. But, when I looked at him, with elephant skin from years of neglect, thin, crawling on his stomach because he itched so bad, I just saw a magnificent being.... it was in eyes and the way he carried himself. He wasn't giving up. With patience , kindness and medical care, he eventually looked like the magnificent dog he was inside. He had heart and soul and wisdom and only gave his heart to one human, me. I was blessed beyond for that trust and love. I also rescued a puppy from the same area, 6 months later. They became best friends. The puppy taught Roofus how to play , which I am certain he never had time to do, just trying to survive. And Roofus taught the puppy wisdom and how to grow up to also be a magnificent dog . His eyes say it all. What a treasure I will always love and never, ever forget.