Wow I got a yellow ribbon this time

More: Miss Ruby what I can say about my little girl is she is just great she's a hunt test dog and a field trial dog so she's always competing in competitionRuby takes the competition after her mother and her father they was both great hunt test dogs and field trial dogs and this little girl means the world to me sometimes she starts whining on Sunday nights and pasting the floor because she wants to go for a ride so I take her for a ride lays down and goes to sleep now when it's time to go to bed she paces the floor is from the living room to the bedroom door the living room to the bedroom door so then I know she wants to go to bed it's just a ruby thing my husband said he thinks she knows how to tell time because at 4:00 I guess she starts pacing the floor and whining until I get home so that's a little bit about my little girl Ruby