Cheering on the high school lacrosse team

More: To say that Rudy is not your average dog with your average dog story is an understatement. Rudy had a tough beginning in this world. A young boy found him on Christmas day at a vacant lot behind his house. He was just a puppy, and someone had put him in a hollowed out tree, and covered it with a board and left him to die. The boy heard him crying and took him home and named him Rudy short for Rudolph. To top it off, he only had three legs. Fast forward a couple of months later and we adopted him. While he may not be an extreme sport dog, he really loves being outdoors, he walks 3 miles a day and runs around the yard chasing squirrels, with a passion for life. However, he is truly in his element when he is around people -cheering on the local high school lacrosse team or others in our community. The best thing about Rudy is he puts a smile on everyone’s face. He is the best dog I’ve ever known or owned and I love his story of perseverance. People always think he’s named after the movie (and real life) character with the same name who also overcame adversity, but he has a different backstory and it’s one that started with what could’ve been a tragedy, but he’s overcome it to live a wonderful full life and bring so much joy to others.