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Lowcountry Salt Marsh Collie

More: Ruffian has more fun fishing for red drum and hunting squirrels than rounding up sheep. First born on Father’s Day of eight puppies from her super mum ‘Badger’ and father ‘Stalker’. The two of them can be found exploring Botany Bay Preservation on Edisto Island, South Carolina also famous horse farms in Kentucky with their keeper and breeder. Ruffian is named after a famous racehorse who is buried at Belmont Park in New York. Ruffian stays in touch with her litter mates often visiting with family for over nights. Her sister Lucy is a well known sheep herder and one of her brothers’ Wolverine rounds up chickens and goats. Besties include a Bassett Hound named Lola. Ruffian has the personality of a princess who is incredibly smart and wonderful.