The Look Out

More: Meet Ruger. A 65 pound, 4 year old Hungarian Vizsla Weimaraner Mix. Ruger is an exceptional companion and hunter, He takes the best traits of the two breeds to the next level defying the bad ones. He possesses the strength, fearlessness and intelligence of the Weimaraner. The speed, affection and loyalty of the Vizsla . He is gentle and protective with small children & confident with dogs. He will stare down an unwelcome visitor & chases off bear and wandering coyotes Ruger is a devoted companion, enjoys the woods while searching for deer antlers. He loves his daily two mile, walks, & high, speed run playing with the ATV Four- wheeler. His athletic ability allows him to reach speeds, slightly over 35mph, clearing obstacles 3 feet high. The love & dedication he has brought to our family is unequivocal. If there were a down side, he knows how to spell Squirrel.