Ruger (left) & Zeke (right)

Brindle Bro’s

More: We adopted Ruger when he was a puppy and since day one has been well mannered with a huge desire to please. When we lost our older dog, Ruger stepped up to be the protector of our home. On his first birthday he was laying in the yard unable to move. After rushing him to the vet clinic, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. After a few doctor visits and medication he has been living his best life running in the fields and catching mice. Zeke at 6 months was found with a gaping hole in his side and scrounging for scraps. When we saw his precious face at our local shelter we knew he was meant for us. With some tender love and care Zeke has had a perfect recovery and is excelling in every aspect. Both of our boys love being around children all of ages and treat any and everything with love. They love prancing around on our acreage and become overwhelmed with excitement when they realize we’re going camping for a weekend or going on a nice long hike.