Being at the cottage by the lake is my happy place

More: Rusty was rescued April 16, 2016 from a pit bull fighting ring. He was a bait dog. When he was rescued, he has a wire coat hanger as a collar, chained to a fence at a vacant house. He had fleas, heartworm, dehydrated and mange. He weighed 25 pounds. It took me a a lot of patience and positive reinforcement. He would shut down with any raised voice. Today he is lovable loyal and is not aggressive. My grandkids can climb all over him and he loves it. I was warned he might have protective problems with his food and toys, that is not the case. He is very gentle taking treats. He doesn’t play with toys, play fetch or go in the water….yet. He loves boat rides, walks and snuggles. A successful story and happy ending.