Rylee Rae

All is calm!

More: Rylee Rae...what a girl!! Rylee has always been a ball of energy...this was one of her rare moments of pure, peaceful rest! Rylee is our pandemic pup...we tried for a year to rescue pups all over the east coast, but it was next to impossible - rescue orgs were not fond of adopting "outside their area". Finally...one rescue group gave us a chance and it paid off!! We picked her up in Feb 2021, after driving thru a snow & ice storm and we're so glad it worked out!! She's a very social pup, she goes to "school" 3 days a week and just loves everything about it!! She's smart, energetic and loving...a wonderful member of our family! Rylee likes to stay busy so she's starting a new project ...she will be visiting dog friendly southern towns and sharing her experiences on her Instagram.