Ooo, look! A bubble!

More: Sadie was found in a trash bag on the side of an Alabama road, along with her litter mates. Sadie was the only pup in her litter to survive. She made the journey to south Florida where we adopted her from the humane society. She grew so much in the first month that we had to do a DNA test to figure out her mix, she is a German Shepard (75%), pug (20%) and bull terrier (5%) mix - very unique! A few months after having her home we noticed her left knee was popping out of the socket so we took her to the vet and at age 1 she had her first knee surgery. The same surgery was done a year later on her right knee. Thanks to Dr Ken Moore of Broward Veterinary Specialists, At age 3 she is pain free for the first time in her like and is able to experience all the adventure and fun life has to offer! Everything is exciting and fun to her! She is an incredible dog with a great personality! She is very protective of her family and is even certified as a support dog! She is truly the definition of fortitude!