Sadie Bones

Miss Sadie Bones at the Chickamauga Dam

More: She was the first of 16 puppies. Her father is the papered grandson of the Sandlot dog. She is a quarter lab. She is mostly quiet, you’ll never hear her bark. She doesn’t jump, she’s highly intelligent and doesn’t drool that bad. Everyone wants to steal her because she so perfect. We almost never have a leash or collar, she’s her own person. She knows boundaries, will stay outside a bar or restaurant and never cross the line in. We swear she understands complete sentences. She loves to swim but hates baths. Travels well, all the way from Palm Springs Cali, to our new home in Tennessee. She’s so quiet, we forget we have her with us sometimes. She’s never more happy then when she’s hiking or swimming. We couldn’t ask for a better dog, never met a better dog and we don’t know we ever will.