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From a cage to being Sage

More: Little 9 lb. Sage spent the first 7 1/2 years of her life locked in a cage in a Midwest puppy mill, producing litter after litter as a commercial breeding dog. She was never socialized, and lost all but two teeth from poor nutrition and drinking water only from a rabbit bottle her whole life. Sage’s life took a miraculous turn for the better when she was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado. She went through the organization’s rehab program, and learned that people and life can be amazingly good! Sage now lives a happy, free life in Park City, Utah, with her adoptive mom and dog pals Rex (a rescue papillon from a Midwest puppy mill) and Rusty (a rescue dachshund). She is learning about the good life in a house and to trust people, and enjoys trail hikes, chasing birds, warm dog beds, and being loved.