Sam is the happiest boy, and loves going on hikes,

More: Sam is absolutely the most amazing dog we could imagine adopting. He is the perfect combination of playful, loving, inquisitive, and cuddly. He's rarely as majestic as he is in this picture...normally he's playing around digging in the snow, sand, or dirt (whatever he can get his paws on if he's allowed). He loves every dog, horse, cat and human that he meets, and will definitely express it! He's originally from outside of Memphis, but is now loving life up north in Connecticut. His favorite things are playing with his pup and human friends, chasing (but never catching) birds, deer, rabbits, flies...the list goes on, and running into the waves to catch those illusive seagulls at the beach. Basically, we love our all-purpose dog so much, he has been the perfect addition to our lives, and has made quarantine bearable.