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“Everything the light touches” Newport RI

More: Sasha began her adventures when she was adopted into a military household in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Quickly adapting to her military lifestyle she lived in 6 U.S states and one European country and with her doggie passport has traveled to countless others. The little globe trotter left a lasting impression on everyone she me along the way. Five years ago she became a big sister when her mom and dad had a baby girl and again in 2023 when her little brother was born. Somewhere between there she decided to take in a stray and be a mother to a rambunctious kitten. Proving she was still the best girl. Then at 12 years old she became a cancer survivor when one of her legs was amputated, though it didn't take her long to adjust to her new lifestyle and get back to her daily walkies. The photo above was taken in Newport, RI where she lived from 2020 - 2021 whilst her dad studied at The Navel War College.