Sasha Fierce

Taken at Red Rock Canyon in Colorado Springs; This is the day Sasha realized she’s a mountain dog!

More: Sasha and I have been hangin’ for 6.5 years now. She’s the smartest, most hilarious dog I’ve ever met. Sasha’s got a TON of energy and runs circles around the puppies at the dog park. Everyone is always shocked to hear that she’s going on 9 years old! That’s why she’s my adventure dog; She needs constant fun, exercise, and exploring to deplete that crazy energy of hers (which I’m happy to supply her with). She hates swimming and will only get in lakes/rivers to go to the bathroom (like I said, she’s hilarious). Sasha is a trail/mountain dog through and through, often making it to the top ahead of me. She’s my best friend in the world and we’re always looking forward to our next big hike!