Desert Dood pawses to reflect on the beauty of his surroundings

More: My name is Satchmo and I'm a doodle with a coat of many colors. I grew up in the high desert of Western Colorado, but recently moved to Louisiana with my moms where we live full time in an RV. When we traveled down South, we discovered that I have a congenital disease called Addison's. This basically means when I get too excited, my body needs a steroid to stay in check because of my hormone deficiency. That is why my coat changes colors too. But I don't let that slow me down! My moms and I are always seeking an adventure outside. Lately, I've been learning to duck hunt and fish the marshlands. I'm fearlessly independent in the outdoors but when night comes, I love to be smothered by the mothers with cuddles. I enjoy meeting other dogs and people. Because I am so big, I can look scary so I quickly roll over to expose my soft pink belly. That way, we can move on from our differences and get to my favorite thing ever, playtime.