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“A winter walk”

More: Scarlett is 100% an outdoor dog. When my family first got her, she spent every solitary day outside, from 8 weeks old, to now. She loves every season, but I think winter is her favorite. She loves running through the snow. She spends hours outdoors. When she’s not outside, you can find her on anyone’s lap. Our 48 lb. lap dog. Her head will always find your hand, and she will relax only when you are touching her. She’s an extrovert and is constantly making new friends - old or young. Scarlett is also quite the talker, and she will greet us every morning with a howl hello. To say Scarlett has an amazing personality is an understatement, and she is also very patient with our family constantly taking photos and videos of her. She has truly become the best addition to our family.