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Warm Days in October make for the best swim...

More: Our dog Schneller is by far the most quirky and amazing dog that we have ever owned. If she does not have a job she makes a job for herself and for me... She liked to tell me when to take the trash outside. She will stare at me and then the garbage can and back at me until I take the trash outside. I know she likes to watch what I do all the time.. Most days at her age a couple walks, catching a frisbee and or a stick, swimming and napping seems to keep her very happy! Such a loyal and fun dog for myself and my husband and when my college daughter is home a wonderful friend to her as well. She has funny ways but we love her exactly as she is ... Her vision might be going a touch but we adapt to keep her happy and safe playing outside and walking old and new trails... We Love our Schneller (means faster in German) and hope she get a a chance to be featured as a Cover Dog on Orvis ... Thanks