The goodest boy after his first hunting trip!

More: This year, we added a four legged friend named Scout to the family and he has changed my world. I’ve learned that best friends come in all shapes and sizes, and one of my best friends is small and furry. Scout has taught me so much in these past 6 months, and one of those things is to love outside. Scout’s name has a special meaning that wasn’t apparent to me until now, Scout has his name for a reason. Scout – The name Scout is American in origin and means “first explorer.” The name Scout is most appropriate for a dog who always likes to be the leader of the pack or the investigator of the group. Scout is always the leading the way to explore new things. Boy Scout means, “an honest, friendly, and typically naive boy”. I believe that God placed this friendly little boy in my life to search and take on this journey we call life together. A few things Scout has taught me; Enjoy the journey. When Scout jumps in my car, he doesn’t know where he is going, but he is along for the journey. He trusts me that I will take him to the right destination. Although goals are great to set, we often forget that it's the journey that matters most. Next time you set a goal, be open to other possibilities and enjoy every moment of excitement in the journey. Love unconditionally. No matter what, I know Scout will love me unconditionally. He wiggles his butt when he sees me and always wants to give me big wet kisses no matter what mood I’m in. Loving others unconditionally is a difficult task, but it's the one that would surely make the world a better place. Live in the Moment: Dogs live each moment to their fullest. They don’t think about yesterday or about tomorrow. Whether it is to play ball, eating a puppacino, or snuggle they enjoy what’s happening in the moment and make it count. I have a lot to learn from Scout. So let go a little and enjoy the moment.