The wind in my face

More: This guy is indescribable but here’s just a few things about him . I had lost my Newfie in August that year and her big black presence was missing in my life so I took a peek at the local shelter. Up on my computer comes this face ! I showed my coworkers and they all encouraged me to go see him . You know how that ended . Problem was , I had to convince my husband and I had 2 other dogs and I needed to see if they d get along ok . I put him in my vehicle and drove home to test the waters . I pulled into the driveway, he’s riding shotgun and my husband was like what are you doing? But when he saw this guys face, he knew game over and he didn’t have a leg to stand on. Let me tell you, this guy is 90% love , devotion , fun but the rest is all mischief! He takes off just because he loves exploring hence why he was picked up by doggie police , running along the countryside. He’s also a food and slipper thief and he gets into ever! Porcupines, skunks , deer , woodchucks anything that interests him, he goes right for . He has always run like the wind and swims every chance he can . Wherever I am , he finds something to swim in. A world class athlete and hunter. Love can’t begin to describe the way I feel about my boy , Seamus! We boat , hike , swim daily and he’s the sweetest thing on the planet!