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Selena & Dodger

A proud Mom and Dad after raising 7 pups

More: These two love birds reside in Austin, Texas with their Mom (Jasmine), Dad (Bobby) and their Baby Sissy (Berkley, 2 yrs old). A real Romeo and Juliet story. Selena (yellow lab) is from Austin, TX. She’s a hill country beauty Queen. Dodger (black lab) is from Orange Grove, TX. He’s a blue collar boy from the sticks of South Texas. One special night in December 2021, while Mom and Dad were fast asleep, they stayed up past their bedtime. 2 months later, they birthed 7 beautiful black puppies (4 girls, 3 boys). Low and behold, against Dads will, they kept 1 of their sons. His name is Stetson (not pictures). With high hopes he’ll be the ultimate Friday Night Lights quarterback.