Senshi and his Wild Pony friend at Grayson Highlands

More: Senshi is our second rescue Chow Chow. In February of 2018 we lost our amazing rescue Grizzly who passed during elective surgery. Thinking we could never replace Griz I was reluctant to get a new dog. My wife Sue noticed Senshi on a Houston TX chow rescue group (we live in NC) and I told her we would not travel to TX for a dog but it turns out he was being fostered in Western NC. We went to see him and fell in love. He came home and was immediately accepted by our 4 cats. He is amazing. We started hiking with him at Grayson Highlands in SW Virginia and he has met a pony (wild herd at 4800 feet along the AT) and every time we hike there these 2 greet each other. He is a sweet gentle Chow that gets to enjoy life between a farm, a cabin and an airstream.