Seriniti Kidder

I'm a rescue and my new Mommy Loves me sooooo much!

More: My dog was brought to me July 4th at about 4 weeks old, and she was in bad shape, medically and emotionally. Her tail is broken in three places, she was dehydrated, malnutrition, very fearful of people and had a bloody stool for the first month and a half that I had her. After many trips to the vet, lots of medications, and a lot of love, I was finally able to get her well. Shortly after she turned 4 months, she caught aspirated pneumonia and I almost lost her, my heart was hurt. During our multiple vet visits and nursing her through this she was also in the process of getting her adult teeth in, but the baby teeth were not falling out leaving too many teeth in her mouth, causing her to be chewing the inside of her mouth when she was eating. I brought this up to the vet and told them of the way her breath smelt they investigated it and found she had multiple mouth ulcers. I have rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed many, many dogs for years but this little lady stole my heart and I've made her my forever dog.