Keeping a watchful eye

More: I'd like you to meet Shadow, my grandpup. Her adventurous spirit and unending energy keeps our family moving. Shadow loves greenways and mountains best, maneuvering through the trees gracefully as a deer. If there's a river, creek, or lake nearby, guaranteed she's in it waiting for us to toss her sticks. She loves playing soccer and longboarding too as well as romping with her fur friends. Her stunning beauty and charisma makes her a local favorite. Shadow enthusiastically takes on any challenge or trick, even if it's only for a pat on the head. With almost human like mannerisms at times, she is quite captivating to watch. And with a pronounced herding instinct, she can pretty much get anyone to be anywhere she wants. But her favorite thing of all is when her "pack" is altogether in one spot where she can care for us with her unconditional devotion.