First nap after being rescued

More: Sherman was found as a stray in Mississippi and was scheduled to be euthanized after his stray hold was over since he was a senior and nobody came to claim him. I had just lost my senior golden a month before Sherman made his way to Dog Star Rescue in CT where I volunteer. I felt an instant connection to this old boy when he came off the transport bus and decided right then to adopt him. We had our vet do a full body scan after adoption and learned he had cancer on his spleen. We had surgery to have that removed then shortly thereafter he got bloat, which we caught in time and had surgery to repair. We learned so much after losing our senior golden at 14 and I believe Sherman made his way to us to help us grieve and in return we are giving him the life he deserves. He is a brother to two other rescue sisters and is an amazing foster brother to over 50 dogs we have helped find homes for. He’s a true blessing!