Hey did you see where that chipmunk went?

More: This is the most amazing dog I have ever known. So smart and loves the outdoors, including frolicking in the snow & swimming in the lake. He also loves to lay down in mud puddles when on long hikes...ugh! He likes to chase turkeys and deer and chipmunks mostly. He is absolutely infatuated with birds of any kind and also butterflies and the leaves that drop from the trees in Autumn. He has the sweetest disposition and thinks he is also a lap dog as he jumps up on me and sits on my lap when I'm in in my recliner (of course i coax him to do so because it's fun to do. (and kinda dangerous as he weighs more than 165 lbs.!!!) He loves children and fish too. he is the kindest soul to ALL other dogs, especially the little ones, he's a gentle giant.