Shylo, Emma, Raphael

“Good Babies”

More: Shylo is my svc dog raised at school. Started training at 5wks. Took me 3 yrs to get her 💕💦 Emma found her at our local shelter. She’s my retired svc dog. She sat in my walker and worked 7 yrs, saved me several times. Yes, still have her. Raphael I found him in a shelter. My Pug had died after 8 yrs. in depression. I needed a dog. I was looking for a lil girl to hug and fooey up. I saw Raphael looking pitiful. I thought I’d give him people time so I took him out (age 2 and 12 lbs, way under weight) I carried him around. No females, I was v sad. It was time to put this male dog back. I tried to put him in his cage. He literally grabbed my neck and locked on. After a 2 failed attempt, I looked at my husband like ugh! He said, “He’s coming home w us, isn’t he?” Me, “yes” (thinking ugh he’s not a girl) At home full of ticks, under weight and out of proportion, I photographed him, then cleaned him up. He has become a beautiful animal. Flowing hair. Great personality. “Come” He does but in an Eeyore way. Like I’m coming... so cute. Love him.