Sirius Lee aka BabyDawg, Booger or Bubba

Flying Booger Boy

More: Sirius Lee was a gift from my friends after my husband passed. I had had Catahoulas before and wasn’t sure if I was ready for another, but this good boy has been the best thing ever for me. He is a loving, well mannered, easily trainable, intuitive, friendly and a happy happy boy. We go to the Mobile Bay almost every day for running, swimming, fishing (him, not me), ball fetching, kid pulling and dock diving. He loves people, mostly kids and men, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better companion. We ride in an Audi A5 Convertible and he sits in the front seat as though he was meant for it ! He is the handsomest , smartest and sweetest Baby Dawg in the whole wide world and I make sure to tell him this mantra several times a day:). I’m pretty sure he understands.