Sir Oliver

All in a day's run in the woods.

More: Hi! My name is Sir Oliver, but everyone in the neighborhood just calls me "Ollie". My mom didn't know what to write, so I took over her keyboard with my perfect "paw" touch. I am a 4-year-old rambunctious boy who loves to go on trail walks with my mom every day. And when I get home I love to relax in my Orvis out of my Orvis feeder when my mom gets my food out of my stainless steel Orvis food storage container. I guess you can say I am a poster boy for all things Orvis for dogs!! And yes, I guess you can say too that a spoiled rotten Golden Retriever lives here!! But my mom loves me very much! And I love riding shotgun in the car....wait for it......yep....on my Orvis quilted car hammock when we go on places. And yes, we take our Orvis travel bag too!! My mom said she gave me the wrong name when she got me. She said I should have been named Orvis instead of Oliver!