Only a life for other is a life worth living

More: Sita came into out life as an 11 month old puppy. I had drank a couple of margaritas on a Saturday afternoon and across from the crab shack was a Petsmart hold adoptions. The rest is history and her nick name is Margasita. We named her Sita because like the Hindu Godess she was loyal to her family above all else. She’s always high energy up for many adventures but I’d be lying if I didn’t say she was difficult. We also call her the “fun police”. Like a good herding dog everything and everyone needs to be calmly and quietly in their place. We are pretty sure her personal motto is “guilty before proven innocent!” Lol. We love her, we hate her she is a part of our family, we don’t know life without her. She lives her life for us and we for her.