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Skye &Wilbur

Loving my life

More: Skye- even though she is a pure bred… she was rescued! The day after we got Skye she started showing signs of being ill, took her to the vet the next day and we were given the diagnosis she had Parvovirus! She was highly infected and they gave her about a 2% chance of life! We told the vet to do whatever they had to do to save her! They were happy to hear because so many people do not choose this because of cost. (But there are ways of helping costs) After three difficult weeks in the hospital in isolation and fighting harder than any puppy they have ever seen even (vet has over 40 years of experience and has never seen a puppy survive after being this sick) we were finally able to bring her home! We have made it a mission to educate people how important it is to keep puppies safe until they have been fully vaccinated from parvo (3 shots) because it is so highly contagious! Skye today is 60 pounds and thriving as a healthy family pet with her brother Wilbur!