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Skylar ‘Skye’ Stephens


More: We learned 2 Weeks after getting 'Skye' from the breeder (at 6 weeks old) that she is deaf. We live on a small lake resort in Northern Michigan and had to carefully consider if we could accomodate (and keep safe) this 'high enery' border collie; as deaf dogs are often misunderstood and can end up in kennels (or worse consequences). We feel SO grateful and blessed that 'Skye' was "meant" to find us as she is the sweetest, most beautiful amazing dog who absolutely loves the water and all outdoor activities! A little "crazy" at times as her other senses are heightened - 'Skye' brings lots of fun and SO much joy to our lives. We anticipate 'Skye' to become a life long companion and would highly encourage anyone with the means (and patience) to consider offering a safe and loving home to all of those misunderstand 'deaf' dogs out there who have so much LOVE (& laughs) to offer in return! Deaf dog owners and advocates, -Susan & Peter Stephens Twin Lakes Shore Resort, Lewiston, MI