Home Sweet Home

More: Smudge was the dogification of an adorable, mischievous, 19-year-old boy. He'd flash a big smile and have fun, regardless of weather conditions, physical conditions, fence restrictions or behavior restrictions, (You don’t really mind if I swim right now—there’s water!). Smudge seemed to think any time was a good time to swim and any body of water big enough to hold him was the perfect place to jump in. Everyone loved Smudge, but he was my best friend, and one l literally leaned on. Weighing in at 120 pounds, Smudge helped me walk when my old hip hurt and smile when the pain came from my heart. When his old body hurt, Smudge stopped taking the stairs and running the streets and in the end he seemed to try to spare me his death, asking to go outside like all he wanted to do was lie down in the grass.