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More: Snacks is our 20 month old mixed-breed dog that my wife and I rescued from a kill-shelter in Texas in August 2020, when Snacks was 5 months old. From the moment we met Snacks, my wife and I knew we needed him in our lives. Within hours, he had adjusted to his new home and taken over our hearts. Snacks is the most affectionate and friendly dog. We live in a beach community and Snacks immediately took on that lifestyle, making friends with the other neighborhood dogs and taking daily dips in the ocean (throughout all the seasons). Snacks knows his audience. People often make comments about how gentle he can be with smaller breeds but how he can hold his own with the bigger breeds. Snacks is constantly bring joy to others with his goofy personality. He lights up every room he enters and is loved by all who know him. In October 2021, a little over a year after adopting Snacks, we noticed he was limping on his back leg. My wife was 7 months pregnant with our first child. A few weeks and multiple tests later, Snacks was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at only 19 months old. My wife and I were completely devastated. In early November, we saw Orvis’ cover dog catalog and it was sign of hope. Orvis featured a dog named Nahvi, who had lost her leg to cancer, and was happily living two years later. This inspired my wife and I to submit Snacks’ story and to reach out to Nahvi’s family.