Loving My Lake Champlain Morning

More: Snickers is sort of a rescue. She was in a pet store and I purchased her at six months old. The owner of the pet store went to prison for abusing dogs, performing surgeries on them without anesthesia, and euthanizing them. When I went in she had a bright neon clearance sign over her head and looked very skinny but there was something about her face. I was not even in the market for a dog, I just happened to walk in because all the lights were on one evening. I was told I had to decide if I was going to purchase her because she was not going to be available the following week. She is one of the most lovable dogs I have ever had. Snickers makes friends wherever she goes, she once had a JetBlue airline pilot been down to take a selfie with her. No matter where we are people always ask if they can pet her and she is more than happy to oblige.