Sunsets and Beagle love

More: During the nation wide shutdown the kids and I had a 24 hour road trip adventure to Missouri to get this little guy. He was the only one left in his one else wanted him. He was just absolutely meant for our family...and all those people that passed on this good boy don't know what they are missing!! I mean.. his left eye is slightly crossed, he is terribly bowlegged, backward pigeon toed and his nose is crooked 10° to the right. He often sits across the room and stares at you in a way that makes you think he is both smarter than you and plotting something. He is the only beagle I have EVER met that doesn't bark and when the gentleman at the Christmas tree farm warned us he kicked up some rabbits we all laughed...because...well Sparky would rather make friends with a rabbit than chase one!! I can honestly say I have never had a dog that makes the family laugh and smile like this good boy!! He is our sweet, funny, naughty, snuggler, and just what we needed during the long days of quarantine!!