Starsky Boo

Oh, baby, you're much too fast Little Red Corvette You need a love You need a love that's, uh, that's gonna last (Little Red Corvette)

More: Our little Starsky (who we also call pumpkin) is the best snuggle bug but a total brat! She is so spoiled and prissy that she must be descended from royalty. She sleeps in our bed and had to be on top of her human and held and covered with her favorite wool blanket. She likes to do the opposite of what anyone says and loves to tease the boy dogs. She seems to think she is a grown big boy because in a room full of the biggest and baddest doggies, she finds and dominates them by wrestling and humping. Dogs and humans alike enjoy her silly and frivolous personality d as no she’s so cute she gets away with whatever she wants. We hope you adore our brat as much as we do.