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Dog Days of Summer

More: This photo was taken in early October 2022, the month before canine lymphoma took Stella from us. She was a beautiful soul who gave immense love and exuded happy energy. When she was diagnosed in January of ‘22 at age 4, our goal was to get her back to the beach - to run and play in the sand which she loved so very much. The CHOP protocol put her in remission for several months, long enough to enjoy her summer days in the sand and salt water, but unfortunately the cancer returned all too soon in September and her body did not respond to two other attempted treatments. She remained full of love and life until the last few days, as dogs do, until she no longer had the energy to fight. It is a terribly aggressive disease and we appreciate the mission and goal to understand, treat and cure canine cancer. Our dogs deserve that commitment from their human companions. Our sweet Stella is forever in our hearts and we give thanks for having her love and affection, though painfully short lived.