Stella White

Purdy Gurl

More: My baby is a rescue. I am her third owner in 1 1/2 year, not sure why though. She is so smart, but has SAD really bad. I drove through hail, snow, sleet and rain to rescue her, which was a 16 hour round trip. She was worth every bit of it. She loves toys. I have bought her over 400 toys. You cannot recycle them either because she knows the difference. I have to order her toys in bulk on every pet website. She has every toy that they sell in every store in this town. She is such a wonderful dog, I would have mortgaged my house to rescue her. However, when I leave this old world, I want her put to sleep and in the coffin with me. She will be the first dog to ever go into the MAUSOLEUM with her Mama.