The Great Sunny

More: An old lady adopted Sunny from a beach in Oregon when she was a little pup. After she went to live in a retirement home, she had to give the dog up so we adopted the dog, and she had been living with us in California ever since. We rarely gave her store bought dog food. We spent time cooking for her healthy food that even people can eat. We took her to walk twice a day, 7 days a week, and she got exhausted going out often that sometimes she preferred to stay indoors. She loved to bark at squirrels, neighbor’s dog, and other critters outside. She was an introverted dog. Never chased after dog toys. When she past away, we took her ashes into the ocean where she was originally found from; we gave her back. She lived a full circle, happy and healthy. Whenever I go fishing, I can feel that she is watching us through the water.