Susie Q

Like my new haircut?

More: Spunky, energetic, ball of fluffy cuteness. She loves cuddles at bedtime and through the day we love to play ball and with squeaky. When it comes to treats….watch out….we hear the word and she’ll sit up pretty or lay down. We love hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, peppers…and maybe a graham cracker or two. Truly a grandmas girl. Loves going to visit her…..we just hear the name grandma and she runs to get the leash to go bye byes. She was the runt of the litter and the last one to be picked. We traveled from northern WV to South Carolina to get her. Beautiful weather going down but faced a horrible snowstorm coming back. A 5 hour trip down turned into a 13 hour trip back. But she was oh so worth it. She makes us laugh and has brought great joy and contentment to our home.