Swiftly paddle boarding or paddle boarding Swiftly?

More: Swiftly is something else! She came to our family as a foster with a local non-profit organization which raises and trains service dogs (Can Do Canines). Our first long-term foster was Swiftly. While she's incredibly bright and loving, her dietary restrictions (allergies) kept her from continuing in the program. Their loss became our gain as she became eligible for adoption and we welcomed her into our home. Swiftly quickly (fun fact: her mom's name is Quickly) became used to the luxuries of being a family dog and loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch (always on an Orvis blanket) or bed with you. A true diva, she will do anything to wiggle her way into your heart (or lap), have some of your vegetables / fruit (safe for her to have), or be the center of attention. All that being said she's truly one of the sweetest dogs we've owned, and we love her to pieces. While water isn't her favorite, she would go to the end of the earth just to see me smile and humored me with a swift (see what I did there?) paddle board ride.