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Outdoor dog but cool being a brew pub dog too.

More: Sydney - named after Sidney Crosby, because why not! Sydney has many nicknames; Syd, Sydster, Muffin, Sydvicious the list goes on. Syd was the runt of her litter but you would never know. Aside from her height she is a total beast! Syd belongs in the outdoors. We often think she is part otter or a bit dolphin when she is swimming for hours at the lake (Syd is lucky to live close to the Finger Lakes in Upstate, NY). Syd is the ultimate adventure dog whether it is hiking on many of our trips, camping at local parks or just going on road trips. She loves the car so we got lucky with that and her favorite place to hang is actually her Orvis backseat cover which we have nicknamed her hammock. I am for sure a bit bias but she is an amazing looking Lab with bright eyes, dark wild fur much like herself and goofy poses. One of our friends (a huge dog lover) said recently she has the face for a “dog food bag or something” so obviously when I saw this I thought she was the perfect fit to be an Orvis dog, especially since she is already a lover of the products... win, win! Sydney would be a great Orvis dog from her wild personality down to her cute looks. I wish I could have included more pictures, I definitely have too many.