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“I’m going on an adventure…” (Taken in the woods of Asheville, NC)

More: Sylvie and I found each other in August of 2020. Until then, Sylvie had lived her life in a small crate with limited freedom and not much to look forward to. One day, she escaped and became pregnant before her owners found her again, locking her back in the 4 walls she had been left in. After a kind neighbor stepped in to provide help when she went into labor, she and her puppies were brought to a rescue and began the long process of healing. It was because of that rescue that I found her. That August, I began the journey building a life for her that was full and happy - a stark contrast from the crate she had once tried to chew her way out of. It has been a long road, but over the past two years, we’ve been on great adventures from the coast of North Carolina to the gulf shores of Alabama. After a DNA test, I found that she’s spaniel, poodle, shih-tzu, and pinscher (which explains the attitude of you ever meet her). Her nose is ALWAYS on the ground and she’s her happiest off leash chasing squirrels and rabbits around open fields. The photo I’ve shared is of her first day in 10 acres of pure forest totally off leash this past month and was taken in a moment of her sprinting full speed back to me - one happy dog ready for what’s next. Sylvie is truly my soul mate. She has saved me from the darkest days and has been apart of every happy one since. This photo is just one moment of the many with more adventures on the way. (And yes, we used her Purina Pro Plan skin/coat meal to train twice a day. She wouldn’t be where she is now without it!)