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Run in the shallows

More: Tango is a 2 year old male Boykin Spaniel from Clarks Hill, South Carolina. I picked him up at about 8 weeks old from the breeder and the first words out of her mouths were...”that one's a crier”. I had already made my pick and there was no turning back now. Tango and I were in it for life and headed home to the great state of Texas. We made it home and on the third day with my new pup I thought to myself, the breeder was right...he is a crier! I had to laugh to myself. Of course I pick the dog that cries. Tangos wines and cries were nothing more than him expressing his needs. And now as a 2yearold he has grown out of his winny phase but has figured out even more complex ways to communicate. I think that is the most unique thing about Tango and Boykins in general. They are extremely smart, stimulated and expressive dogs. It makes training fun. Tango can definitely be a little iron headed at times but it is because he is so driven and focused. He is truly one of a kind and he has made me fall in love with the Boykin breed. I wouldn't trade my pick for anything!