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Tank cooper

Jeepin❤️💙 born in the U.S.A

More: Hello! I am Tank cooper! I am a human reactive dog, I love to go on adventure, go swimming 😍 and run around my 5 acre yard and be with my people❤️ I am a super happy go lucky dog who absolutely loves his fam! I like to say I'm a pretty handsome fella and I hope you think so too😜 I have a pretty nice following on instagram (@tank.cooperr) if you'd like to check out my story and how far I've come with my human reactivity! 🐾 we would absolutely love to be apart of the Orvis fam!! We love Orvis pet and human stuff so much!! I hope y'all have a bless day!!! happy barking🐶 down bellow I will attach my story! let's talk about why tank is reactive. We boarded tank because we had to go out of town for my grandmother's funeral when he was about 11 months old. He was boarded for 6 days, we paid extra for him to have a lot of out door time and paid for him to have a comfy bed and tv, I wanted him to be super comfortable. Well when I got him back he was peeing and pooping inside as if he had never been potty trained ( he was fully potty trained prior to going). He also came home reactive to humans ( which he was not reactive whatsoever before being boarded, he loved everyone.) he seems to have more trouble with men. But has problems with both female and men. It absolutely breaks my heart because I have no clue what happened to him. I seriously regret boarding him every single day of my life. I will NEVER board him or Leave him with any stranger again. If I go out of town he is coming. No if Ands or buts about it, tank is my side kick so if I go he goes. So this is tanks story, he's doing much better after lots of training but he's still not 100% we are about to start working with our trainer again! I am so proud of him, working on building confidence.❤️❤️