Tank & Einstein

Tank & Einstein - the neighborhoods favorite boys

More: Tank and Einstein were once the neighborhood trouble makers - escaping the yard and running along the golf course to their favorite pond where they would play and roll in mud. They have been together since their first years as puppies. Tank is a few months older than Einstein but is definitely not wiser. Einstein is intuitive, a family protector, and stubborn boy who loves being outside whenever it cool. Tank is our diva, he is jealous when we pet Einstein and let’s us know by howling, he must be tucked in with warm blankets, and will lay on whomever he pleases for a nap. They are spoiled by their neighbor who leaves bones on the porch and buys them a rotisserie chicken when she house sits. Their dad Paul saves pizza crusts and takes them to get French fries, while their mom Ann snuggles with them watching tv and takes them on walks through the neighborhood. Their sisters Sarah and Elizabeth FaceTime them often and roughhouse with them when they are at home. These boys are loved so much and have been a blessing to their family.