Teddy Andrew Pitagorsky

Look up to the sun

More: Meet Teddy, our loving, smart, handsome, expressive and communicative three and a half year old Bernese Mountain Dog / King Charles Cavalier mix.  Teddy was born on a lovely Amish farm in Pennsylvania and spent his first couple of months frolicking in the garden with his siblings.  At 11 weeks we adopted him and brought him back to his forever home with our family in New York City.  Teddy loves people, especially kids, and likes to snuggle up close with his family and friends. He loves to be outside in the park-like setting where we live and enjoys his evening walks with his pack of doggy friends.  Teddy likes to play ball and chew sticks and loves to run free in a meadow or on the beach whenever he gets the chance.  Teddy is a popular pup in the neighborhood and although he can sometimes be a little bit alpha with a dog or two he truly spreads joy and love wherever he goes and to whomever he meets.  He is truly a cherished member of our family and our community.