This is one of the first photos taken of Mama Molly and Kaia the Wonder Pup nearly 14 years ago…the best roadside finds ♥️ Both have since begun their stories in Heaven, Kaia just recently at almost 14 years old. Pure magic from the very beginning, Kaia was my best girl and closest companion. We were the luckiest in love ♥️

Like mother, like daughter

More: These two girls were very different dogs….Molly had been shot with a pellet gun and Kaia was a little butterball, happy as can be, when my own mom scooped them up. Molly had no use for people other than her own, while Kaia was positively obsessed with humans, though not so much other dogs ;) She did her best song & dance to court any and all attention and outdid herself time and again, creating joy wherever she went. She was widely adored and gave love 10 fold.