Tia's first Ferry Cruise on the Jamestown Ferry

More: Tia came from a very bad hoarding situation in Myrtle Beach, SC. She's my ESA dog that I have trained. She stays by my side all of the time. She had a rough start being tossed from one place to another place and finally to me. She was so timid and afraid of men and women with blonde hair. We've both nourished our bond and feel safe at home or when we go to stores, even to the Treasury department 😉 My life was so empty and Tia has made my heart full. We have gone camping, which she loved. Except when we were the only still camping and got scared. Dinner was already cooking on an open fire. I've never heard any sound like that before and I am a country girl. We packed up and hit the road. I called my dad the next day and told him about the screech and screaming. He started laughing so hard. He said that was a wild turkey 🦃. We never got to our delicious meal until the next day, but we smelled it the entire 5 hours away. She is loving the water and learning how to howl. Cute as can be.