More: Timber would be the best ORVIS poster dog!!! He is an awesome rescue pup and true companion. Though he came to us with quite a few ailments and medical issues, he is now very healthy! While he will always have some health struggles, they do not keep him from living his best life each day! He is super friendly and playful, and loves to be photographed almost as much as he loves people and doggies in all shapes and sizes. He really savors life and is full of curiosity and pep. Quite calm for a husky, he mostly wants to be by your side and where all the action is-preferably with lots of people. We take him almost everywhere we go and he makes friends easily. He is a pretty quiet fellow, but does do his "husky talk" saying "hello" and "walk". He would represent ORVIS well as he is always up for adventure, appreciates every aspect and every season of the great outdoors, and he is rugged, reliable, and resilient!